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The Realization

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on April 7, 2007 - 8:47am

It finally hit me tonight.

Here I am, talking about how I'm looking forward to graduation and Baylor as much as I'm reluctant to go on and leave what I know and love.

My brother and sister are talking about the same feelings as they prepare to leave for their new home in Tennessee in June. I told them I hated to have them leave me behind.

"When you graduate, you can join us!" Sean said. But I shook my head.

"No, after Baylor I plan to go to Oxford, and then to Africa. After that who knows."

I was thinking about that. I have a lot planned ahead, and the next 20 years are probably going to hold the majority of the big things I do in my life.

And by the time I'm through and ready to settle, I'll have to pick a place.

I guess I'd always thought I'd return to Washington as a kid, but now I don't tihnk I could live there, it's changed so much.

San Antonio is changing too, mainly for the worse when you think of traffic. I wouldn't want to live here again because by then it would smother me, and everyone I know and love will have left.

That's ok, but it always seemed a long time away-until now.

As of August, when I go to Baylor, I will be leaving San Antonio behind as a "past home."

And when my family has left and I come back from my trips around the globe, I may never come back here, just like I've never gone back to washington.

That's scary.

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