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Funky Tonight

Kate06's picture
on April 10, 2007 - 11:26am

'I guarantee you me gonna get down funky tonight'

INSTRUCTIONS: Write 15 statements, intended to 15 different people; good/bad things you've always wanted to tell them. never tell which one is to whom.

1. I miss you more than words can say. You have always been my inspiration, and I strive to be like you; to make you proud. One day I hope you can look down on me and smile, knowing I've grown into the person I was meant to become. Even in your sickness, your love did not falter, you supported my decision to go to Duchesne full and through, and I will always cherish your love, your smile, and your faith. I love you.
2. We certainly have some good times, have we not? It's like we have our own language that no one else understands! *BOING* I miss you alot! I'm really really glad we're friends. I just wish you could realize how great you are---because you truly are wonderful!
3. Oh my, you are like my soul sister! We have pretty much the same taste in music (cheesy pop lyrics and all) and we understand each other perfectly. You're an incredibly talented, smart, pretty, funny girl, and an excellent friend. I miss you alot--and you need to come home soon!
4. Mi Amor (este mensaje es totalmente obvio)!! :D Eres una chica simpatica, comica, amable, y me alegra que seas mi amiga. *MUAH*
5. I can't seem to get over you. Don't take this the wrong way but.....sod off?
6. You never were my friend. You treated me like dirt. You kicked me when I was down, you lauged at my dreams and passions, you never listened to me. I'm tired of it.
7. I'm sorry your life sucks. But believe me you, it could get a LOT worse. I would love to sit down and talk it out with you....but here's the thing: you never listen to what I have to say. You make everything about you. And I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry, but you were never there for me like I was there for you.
8. You are amazing. We are total twins and I love talking to you! You're a smart girl with alot of ambition and I see alot of great things for you in your future! I wish you only the best and hope that I can be there with you along the way!
9. I know I've never met you in person, but I trust you completely with what I tell you. Thank you for listening! :)
10. Not only are you a cousin, but you're a great friend, too! I was happy when you asked me to work on the cousin project with you! You are a very talented musician and I know you'll do well in the music business! I can't wait to see you and everyone else in May!
11. Another great cousin! I love all the words we've made up over the past few months! Oh, and it was the Delaware River G. WAshington sailed down, not the Yukon ;)Thank you for comforting me at the funeral, too. And fo rnot giving me a weird look when I said, "I wish my lampshade danced." It was exactly what I needed!
12. I'm sorry I let you down as a friend.
13. You've always been there for me....for thirteen years! What a great friendship we have! I'm glad you're my friend, and I hope we continue to be friends for 13+ more years!
14. You're crazy. But I like it.
15. I can't wait to see you. :) You make my heart flutter.

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