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on April 10, 2007 - 7:17pm

So, I know that many people object to bootlegs and such as it is a violation of copyright laws and whatnot, but sometimes it seems a bit cruel for the fans to miss out on such a great performance. Case in point CHESS the actors fund benefit concert w/ josh and adam pascal.
Well, recently I stumbled on most of the performance at google video. I must say that Josh was excellent and to deprive loyal fans the opportunity of seeing his broadway performance is such a pity. I also hope that in the future Josh will continue to sing more songs from musicals and continue acting on stage.
But I digress. The CHESS benefit concert was excellent, and luckily I happened to stumble upon a site where I was able to purchase the dvd and audio of the performance (at a very reasonable price) so I can permanently add it to my josh/adam collection. Whatever anyones qualms may be about such actions one can not deny that being deprived of such an experience is anything but a travesty. Hopefully, sometime down the road the recording will be released to the public so that illegal bootlegging will cease. But until that day and time, I'm happy to know that there are still ways for people to enjoy this incredible one time only performance.

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