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Thursday Surprise

joshlover2themax's picture
on April 12, 2007 - 3:18pm

The Thursday Surprise is so cute today! I was surprised that it was up so early. Usually, I have to watch it on Friday s because it gets put up so late. It is Josh and his dog, Sweeney, playing at the park. It is so cute. I am glad to see that Josh has fun on his tour. He doesn’t just work all the time. After I watched it for a few times I listened to the two women in the background. lol Their conversation is funny. They are talking about a dog menu at a restaurant. “Josh ordered…in this restaurant they have a dog menu.” “They have a dog menu?” That’s all you can hear but I thought it was hilarious. I wonder who those people are. And who is filming? It would be really fun to follow Josh Groban around and film him doing different things. The song at the beginning is really funny. “It’s just me and my dog, it’s just me and my dog.” Then Sweeney runs away from Josh and he starts to sing, “It’s just me, now it’s just me and my toys.” Josh reminded me of my brother when he was talking in the video. And I love the outfit. The hat I think I have seen before, and I loved it then, and I love it now. Sweeney is such a cute dog. I have never really seen him before. I hope he comes to SLC with Josh. Maybe I can see him there. That would be fun. I was impressed that Sweeney will lie on has back with his stomach exposed. That is a sign of a very submissive dog. Josh is the dominate one. lol I didn’t know Sweeney was so big. He comes up to Josh’s knees. It is so cute when Sweeny is looking at the camera and then Josh calls him and he runs over to him. Sweeney loves Josh very much. I am glad that they take care of each other. The video has been on repeat for and I still laugh at it. It is my favorite video so far.

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