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Freaky Friday

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on April 13, 2007 - 9:53pm

Ok so it wasn't freaky but it's Friday the 13th so I had to say it. And I had to do something strange and good today to keep fate from finding me, so I tipped my waiter at Sonic with a $5 when I only paid $4.32 for lunch (It was actually all I had and I figured I'd make his day and I did so I feel good. lol Poor guy looked so tired and busy but he was sooo sweet. All of them are so I always give them nice tips if I have a penny to spare).

So here I am after a long hard day of running around and church and school, drinking tea out of my Joshie mug (the tea's cold by now unfortunately but then I have been hot today so who cares?), and tinkering with new and old compositions on my Casio CDP 300. Good Christmas Present, because if I had to use our good old baby grand downstairs I couldn't be playing right now. My parents are asleep.

But anyways, as I was playing I wished I had the resources to do something with my music, and have set myself into a debate about college:

I am a good writer. It's just a fact that everyone tells me. I'm pretty good with literature so I was thinking of studying that and minoring in writing, and keeping art as my hobby (always has been).

But I've always wanted to do more with my music. I can barely read it but I have perfect pitch, the feel for it, and passion, and I have more than a few tunes bound to my fingers that I'd love to express on a CD, mine or another's. So why not take some music classes in college?

The truth is I'm chicken. The things I've heard, about how hard it is and cruel almost, I don't want to ruin music for myself.

But I was singing in church tonight and my mum was getting antsy. I didn't know why, and then I realized it was because everyone around us wasn't singing anymore, they were just kinda staring at me out of the corners of their eyes, and I got distracted and self conscious. I can't even sing in church without stirring up trouble, so what else am I supposed to do with these vocal chords?

Bah, I'm babbling. I jush wish I knew what to do with my music. Worship teams at church our out of the question, people get way too spiteful and mean and accuse you of showing off (I can't help it if I can hit higher notes that you. You're an alto, your hit lower notes that me!). School choir wasn't smart because the choir director is Satan incarnate, and there isn't much else outside my music lessons.

*bangs head*

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