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HOG Gone Wrong?

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on April 13, 2007 - 11:37pm

Sometimes I really HATE my husband. Well...Hate is such a STRONG word...I don't hate him, but I sure hate how he acts sometimes!!! He can be the most selfish person I think I've ever met in my life!!!! He rarely thinks of anything other than what he wants at the moment. He certainly also rarely considers what I may think is important. I am really sick of being the one who has to scrimp and save and work 2 jobs and try to balance everything when he just buys whatever he wants anyway with no regard for ANYTHING else. GRRRRR!!!

Actually, I'm not mad...well, I am mad...but really, I'm more sad...depressed about how he acts sometimes. And one thing that is really irritating is that he is actually jealous of the time I spend on FOJG, or more specifically, Josh that's really something to be jealous of. It's not even realistic!!! And anyway, if HOG would just step up and actually act like he cares about something other than himself and what he wants right this minute, maybe I wouldn't need a distraction from my frustration with him.

On another note...apparently not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...I came home 5 pounds heavier. Oh, well...just gotta get back on track with diet and exercise, which has been difficult this week. I've decided that travel really doesn't agree with me very well, because I'm almost invariably exhausted after a trip, even a short one. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't travel...and anyway, I don't think it's travel per se, but rather, the disruption of my routine that messes me up. So...starting Monday...back on track with diet and exercise...I've been trying to get back on track with my diet, but so far...not great, but not terrible either.

And regarding HOG again...he is also irritated with the fact that I'm trying to take better care of myself, and lose weight, so he does whatever he can to sabotage me. But when I try to talk to him about it, he completely denies it, just like tonight when I told him I thought he was selfish about making a second large purchase in less than a month without considering how I might feel about it...he denied that too.

Sometimes, I think maybe I'm not meant to be married...I just do better when I'm alone. How sad is that? Oh, well...this too shall pass...I hope!!!

On a happier note, I may have a triple shot of Josh in August instead just a double. It figures I would make it sound like a coffee drink!!! My friend is moving back to California, and she talked me into asking for time off in August when Josh is in Stockton. Actually, I'm also taking time off earlier in August for my brother-in-law's wedding. When I put in my 2 time off requests, my boss said (joking), "You know, you have to work in order to earn vacation time." haha...Anyway, Donna wants me to come to see her and we can go to see Josh in Stockton during that week. I guess that depends on whether I get the time off, but it sounded like it was pretty definite that I'll be able to get it. I hope so anyway, because I would love to take her to actually see Josh in person!!! And maybe I'll leave HOG at home!!! Can a person have too much Josh in one week? I guess I'll find out!!! hahaha

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