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days have passed

Emmily's picture
on April 14, 2007 - 5:25pm

hey joshie journal. where do i begin. in a short month so much has taken place. you have completed the first leg of awake and hearts all over this world have been touched by you and your music. i have seen your smile in the shadow of the moon, heard you whisper "thank you" to me as your eyes looked through my soul, touched your shoulder as you passed by singing ever so sweetly the words that mean so much to me, and smelled the ocean air as i walked in the sand in santa monica. i put the top down and blasted your cd along colorado blvd, cruised griffith park and remembered "the greek"....oh the memories.... drove up sunset and down highland...your music still guiding me and helping me believe. got on pch 1 and drove up the coast to morro bay with you still on my mind and singing february song. the mountains and ocean a post card on my camera......a still remembered vision in my mind. all i need to do is close my eyes. i hear you singing even when you are not. how do i explain that? i don't ever intend to try.
home now......the everyday moments of my life invade the dreams i continue to encounter. my wrist watch remains 3 hours away as i look at the things in my life that need my attention. i process and pretend and linger in a time i once had......all to myself. a sweet soft evening of anticipation. waiting for you and wondering what was going through your mind. and now i only wish you peace.....and solitude and gentle, quiet days and nights......moments you will remember always in your heart josh. thank you.................

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