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don't know why

Emmily's picture
on April 15, 2007 - 5:41pm

"beautiful healer...beautiful grace. help me to see everything fall in to place....wake me from dreaming....break these chains".....i can't escape her lyrics. not tonight....."help me to see.... no more deceiving....break these chains." not sure why she is touching me in this way tonight. i've listened to her words so many times before. maybe it's the rain and the darkness of the room i am in. the constant, comforting pattern of the drops ever so repetative upon the roof. rain makes me think....of times long ago. midnight moments of terror and sanity in the darkness. of hearing my breathing and the weight of the covers....the shadows within the small opening of the closet door. i reach up and turn the dial of the radio .... remembering to keep it low and soft.....and listen to the music so gentle and sweet....only a late night dj would play.... and a calmness arrives next to me.....consoles me and soothes me back to sleep. music captured my soul oh so early on and continues to do so today. a lyric well spoken, a melody sweet and remembered....something to say...someone saying it....someone listening and thinking yes i think that way too. so happy you wrote these words. so amazing you know what is in my heart.

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