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San Francisco

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on April 16, 2007 - 4:32pm

Sooo Collegium has returned from wonderful ,beautiful, yet cold and very windy San Francisco :) haha

We left Tuesday night and headed to Columbus where we stayed the night. As you mountain dew addiction is something that should NOT be tampered with. This entire trip was like one big search for Mountain dew... I was successfull only a few times. :( That night in Columbus was a mountain dew-less night. We woke up and decided we would walk to the Mcdonalds instead of the free continental breakfast! haha. So we walk over there and Miranda is like craving a Chicken biscuit... and shes just sooooooo excited. We get there and they're closed. It was quite devasting... even to me... when I then realized my one hope for mountain dew that morning was shot. Soo we circled the building and came up on one side of the hotel we hadnt realized even existed! and.... there was a Pepsi Machine!!! And the heavens opened up and angels sang as I ran with my rollerboard suitcase and oversized purse, knocking down Kate & Rachelle on my mad dash for Mountain dew! It was amazing!

We got to the airport went through security and boarded the plain. So far so good. We get to Chicago and it is pouring the snow! It was insane! On top of our 3 hour layover our plane was delayed. Of course I go on a search for mountain dew. The ENTIRE airport... sells coke products! There is one! Count em! ONE! kiosk with mountain dew! Soo I bought three 20oz bottles of Mountain dew to take with me on the plane. I only had one bottle left by the time we actually boarded the plane. haha When they finally boarded us... we sat on the plane 2 hours while the necessary de-icing, etc. was taken care of. The flight out of Chicago was supposed to be a 4 hour flight....not counting our layover.

Soo after passing 2 time zones... we arrive in San Francisco...most of us are sick to our stomachs because of the food we ate in Quiznos... So we're not happy campers. haha We get to baggage claim, mom & I didnt check any luggage, Everyone gets their luggage with no problem. :) However, due to our delays and such... we are running late on our dinner reservation at Bubba Gumps. So we meet our tour guide, Bert. Yes.... Bert. haha Who is indeed a fruitcake... of which I'll soon tell you about. We board the bus, rush to the hotel, put our bags up, then rush back to Pier 39, big shopping pier with restuarants, and go to eat. The meal was great! Soo... we leave Bubba Gumps all set to get back on the bus....No. We get to walk. So collegium set off for a 14 block walk up the hills of San Francisco with our tour guide who tried to kill us four or five times in the span of time it took us to walk it. He was walking in front of taxi's, stopping in the middle of an intersection to talk about something, seriously... it was a miracle we survived day one. haha

Day two- Alcatraz Prison. What a delight after our first day in San Francisco haha! Though it was very interesting.... at the same time it was extremely creepy! Today we met our savior! Our bus driver, Don. Don is amazing! haha! Soo after Alcatraz we took a cable car ride through San Fran. It was soo much fun. I was hanging off the side of a cable car rushing through the hills of san francisco, there are 43 hills in the city. Haha. After some retail therapy, we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. It was very good. :) Because I'm one lucky son of a gun... the hotel lobby had a computer! yay! and for 25 cents a minute I was able to keep an eye on Josh Groban Presale tickets... which of course made me extremely happy. Also, my luck continued.... right next to our room was a pepsi vending machine!!!! awww! it was great! haha

Day three- Friday the 13th. We went to Six Flags! haha! It was great fun! Not only had I never been on the west coast... but i'd never been to a six flags either! Earlier before six flags we did some more sight seeing without Bert who we wouldnt see until Saturday. Secretly we were all very happy about this. But we had our magnificant bus driver Don who was an amazing on the side tour guide.... and he didnt make us walk anywhere! ;) After the days festivites were over and we made our wayy back to the hotel, Miranda, Alex & I headed up to Brandon's room to play cards. A game of spoons went too far....all im saying was i was picked up and thrown across a hotel room barely missing a night stand and possible concussion. cough*JORDAN!*cough. This was the highlight of many people's trip.. not mine however... haha

Day four - We headed up to Stanford University for the Heritage Music Festival... where we were singing. It was fun. It went a lot better than I imagined. haha After, we heading out for a steam train ride through the Redwood forest... which was absolutely beautiful!!! Definetly a highlight! After our train ride we got to " pan " for gold. haha After having to endure alex singing ' Golddigger' all morning... i was very happy to have this over and done with. There were some very beautiful " sights" while we were panning for gold, and some amazingly gorgeous helping hands that made this time pass more smoothly. We got some free time and some shopping time and we definetly made the most of it. Haight Ashbury was amazing! I finally got to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe! I had been waiting on it all week! haha It was everything and more. I always enjoy the Hard Rock Cafe... however I prefer the House of Blues.

Day Five- We were all packed up and ready to leave. We boarded the bus for a busy day of sight seeing & shopping. We saw beautiful beaches, and killer crazy squirrels! haha On our way to the airport we went out in true collegium style with our tradition sing alongs, of which we included Hotel California & California Girl. :) It was a great trip all in all. Im very sad it was my last trip as a Collegium Student... but I look forward to Chaperoning a few trips in the coming years.

To my roomies.... who made this trip interesting ... Thank You. Alex & Miranda! haha It wouldnt have been near as fun without alex being attacked by the comforters in every hotel, or miranda falling off the bed for no apparent reason, or alex scaring herself half to death in the process of trying to scare us, or alex waking up sing " hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend!" haha or the daily ritual of making fun of my bangs.... i could go on and on... You guys are great! :)

and just for the heck of it... and to humor those that went on the trip....

"Whats it taste like?!"

Berries & Cream

" Berries and what!?"


look for pictures at


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