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Hey, discoverd Josh at Preschool......LOL

jlbrown3711's picture
on April 17, 2007 - 4:36pm

Good afternoon to all. I have been busier than a bee today and haven't seemed to stop to rest once. I even still have a few more things to do tonight before I can ever really rest. I know when the time comes and I hit my head on the pillow tonight, I will be off to dreamland before I can close my eyes. But I sit here thinking about my day at my sons preschool. It was my day to work and I really dreaded it. For some reason, just spending a few hours in a small class room with 20 other 4 year olds, just tires me out. They are the most vivacious children you ever want to meet. I always wondered how they can maintain that level of energy. Wouldn't it be grand if they could bottle that? If I could I would be pretty wealthy about now. Bill Gates would have nothing on me then...LOL.....Anyway, today the kids had to cut things from magazines that start with the letter T and had to paste them on a piece of paper. Another mom and I went a head and started looking through the magazines cutting them out because most of the kids really couldn't really identify the letter with anything and had trouble with scissors anyway.. So, as I looked through this old magazine that had already been torn to bits and pieces, I came across something that made me stop in my track. Out of all the torn pages, there was one that wasn't. I looked carefully and sure enough it was an interview of Josh Groban and even a picture of him. All the other pages were ripped, or cut...but not this one. Wow, what luck I had. So, what do ya think I did? Yeah, I ripped it out and stuffed it in my purse.Was not about to leave Josh Groban there. I also wasn't about to let someone cut over Groban.LOL...... Never thought I would ever see Josh at my sons preschool. But ya know, the most interesting part of this whole moment was the last paragraph of the article. It really stood out to me, and grabbed my attention. It just reminded me of something I pretty much already knew and felt. It quoted Josh from something he felt during the time he went to school. He said....."This, too, shall pass. Because I know that life is a journey and I must accept that pain and confusion are temporary. I know that if I follow my heart, it will lead me to where I belong.".......All I can say is that out of all times to read that, it comes during a time when I pretty much feel the same way. Once again, I think it is life's little way of confirming the direction I needed to go. yeah, I suppose one could argue that it is completely coincidental, but my heart says otherwise. I truly believe life hands you messages and it is up to us to discover them. Sounds corny, but I feel truth in it. It helps keep me believing in myself, and I really need to keep doing that now. For my sake, and the kids. I mean what were the odds of reading a Josh Groban interview in a preschool???Especially in a town like where I am from and where they have cow parades from time to time........... I just have to appreciate those little moments that catch me off guard like that. They don't happen that often, but when they do, it really brings things a little more clear for me like they are suppose to be. Really made my day to read it............ I was Joshed at preschool!!!!!!!LOLLLLLLLL

Well, just thought I would share my little story.......... other than a day of running in and out of the house and not slowing down really once til now, not much went on.......LOL.........I must say as tired as I am, I do love keeping busy. It makes me feel quite useful. Have not felt this useful in quite awhile. But then most house moms probably have felt that way from time to time. Being at home is really the hardest job there is. Just wish we get more credit for what we do..........But tis life......!

Here is to everyone having a great Day. Just keep following your heart , and it will lead you to some place that will keep your spirit alive and filled with contentment. Love to all. You are loved...........


"Somewhere out there

is a unique place for

you to serve, a unique

life role for you to fill."


"Go outside, especially on

a beautiful day or

a starry night,

open your arms, and just

say "Thank You"

right out loud."


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