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Rileysmom's picture
on April 19, 2007 - 4:18am

Yall catch idol last night? I love Simon again. The whole rolling of the eyes thing turned out to be bad timing because he couldn't hear what Chris was saying about VTech. He did very good at making nice and the show went out of their way to show us what Simon heard vs. what America heard. Very good PR.

And halleluia Sanjaya is gone. After all was said and done, I liked the kid. and I got all teary eyed when he cried at the end. He made the show interesting.

Yay for the presale!! I hope I have the same luck as last time.
Get in and get out quickly.
I guess I'm easy to please because I was thrilled with my 11th row tickets. If I can get that good this time, then I'll be happy.

I asked Obi what she considered bad seats. She said "outside the venue".
I said "What if they were on Josh's bus? We could hear the concert from there!"

I'm not even going to type her response.

I just love her.

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