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I dont know any more!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 19, 2007 - 11:50am

Well its another day here in Northern Ontario Canada. But Its a very nice day out the sun is out and the smell of spring. last night was the frist time the frogs came out. Its was so relaxing to hear them. It means spring is really here I gess.
Well there isn't much going on right now, well some things are but Im trying to figure them out day by day.
Just found out that it will take me longer then I wonned it to, to get my drivers licence, yeah you read that right I only have my G1 right now and thats because I couldnt aford to get it earlyer. And yeah Im 21 and so what I dont care to much really, cause I know that when you want somthing and keep workinf to get it, it will come. So yeah the course for that will coast me $500. But I need it befor I move. So yeah thats on my mind and then my friend is trying to get me a job with her at her work place and well I'v talked to the boss and well he dont seem to interested in hiring, but oh well, I am workinf right now at Wal-Mart but there cut our hours and Im only part-time and not making much money. So if I can find a job that pays more and jives me more hours I think I'll take it.
Cause I need the money to save to be able to fill my dream. Yeah my dream is to be an animal trainer for the film industry, and I found a company that offers it, Hollywood Animals and had a training couse to take too. So its like school and maybe a job offer all in one place. If not at least I have the training to get a job in the same field.
So yeah it seems like it will take just a little longer for me to get started, but the wait is worth it, I think. Any way thats if for me for now.

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