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a boring blog...sorry

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on April 21, 2007 - 12:11am

How the weather has changed. Started off beautiful and sunny, and has turned to a cold and dark night. Looks as if we are getting ready for a storm. I so wish. There is nothing more soothing and peaceful then laying in a dark candle light filled room and listen to the sounds of an approaching storm. Man, does that sound good about now. Just imagining a moment to just relax in natures sounds with some hot chocolate and not have to worry about schedules, chores, or worrying about anyone Else's needs. Can ya tell I need a vacation? I will need one even more after this week end is over. Have my one year old cousin staying with us while his parents are away. It has been a long time since this house had something that little, almost forgot how tiring they are. Ok, almost.......I still remember, believe me. I love babies though. They always bring such life back into a home. Always reminds me how precious life is and how fast it goes by. It is amazing to me what the little faces of a child can bring to a persons life. He has only been here a few hours but makes me reflect on when my own kids when they were little. I do miss those times when they were so innocent and just learning their world around them.Isn't it funny how babies seem to make you want to have more? * Slap self for just saying that.*Ok, as adorable as they are, my baby days are over with. Kevin is the youngest, and will always be the youngest. Although, I have to say that I have said that I never was going to have anymore after my first child was born and look where it got me......I guess one never knows......Never say never in this life.......Life can always hand you something you didn't expect......Ok, shutting up now before I get myself into trouble....LOL!!!!!!!! I am such a goober! But really........God, that would shock the heck out of me if that did happen again in my life time.

Went back down to Merced today and finally filed my papers. The next trick is how to serve them. God, nothing is as easy as it should be. Not every one was born smart enough to figure out these steps. They make them so darn complicated. Its only gonna get worse too I think.

Well, it is late at night and I am finally very tired from the long days adventure. I didn't really accomplish too much today, but feel exhausted none the less. Spent the evening talking to a great friend and it left me once again enjoying the ability to laugh. Been way too long since I could laugh about anything. My life has been so stressed, its nice when someone can unload your worries and make your life a little or a lot brighter than you thought it could be. Have really been blessed with my friends these days. They have really kept me from loosing it completely. Life is so grand when it is filled with friends that care so much.......not sure where I would be without them. Lifes little treasures.......take care of them!

Anyhow, sorry for the boring blog. Just have been up later than normal these days. Just get caught up in conversations with people and one forgets all about time. In a way thats good. It is nice to know I am capable of maintaining a conversation that long. It has been so long since I felt comfortable enough to do so. Hope everyone has a great night, and even better weekend. Keep reaching for those goals! You can achieve anything you want if you believe in them fully!!!!!!!! Take care.You are loved!!!!!!!


"Each turning point

in your life is the key

to a new direction, each

closed door a chance to

explore new options."


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