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My HOG is Gonna KILL Me!

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on April 21, 2007 - 5:55pm

He's gonna kill me because I bought a new computer today. He is camping with my 13 year old step-son. So, here's the story....

I purchased a video editing software and tried to load it onto my laptop. Nothin' doin'! My laptop didn't have the juice to run it. I upgraded the memory...still...nada! So, I decided to try it on the desktop. It wouldn't read it! Jeez! I called Adobe today and felt like a complete idiot! The program is on a DVD and not a CD because of the size. My desktop can't read DVD's (it's obviously several years old).

How discouraging! So, I decided to go in search of an external DVD RW. I didn't get past the desktop computer aisle...LOL! Got a great deal (I hope). $100 worth of rebates, Windows Vista (which has had mixed reviews) and the thing is screaming fast!

So, work with me. I maybe sold the computer to a reputable computer store - have to wait 2 weeks so a background check can be run - for $250. So, if I do the math, the new computer only REALLY costs roughly $350. He can't be mad....right??? (I'll let you know how it goes).

I miss Josh! My friend and I are going to try to get tickets for two concerts on the next leg of his tour. ROAD TRIP! I'm not giving up hope that I will get to meet him in '07! I touched his soft, warm hand for waaaaay too short of a time in NYC and that wasn't good enough, darnit! The closer I get the more spoiled and demanding I get. Is that normal??? I guess in Grobanland it is!

I guess I better go back to setting up my new PC. To ease the pain, I am going to set up my HOG's wallpaper to his favorite sports team of all time. I'm sure that will help....NOT!!!!

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