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on April 22, 2007 - 7:13pm

Greetings to all. God it feels like I haven't been keeping up with my blog as much these days. I never seem to have anything really great to write about. Well, nothing that isn't related to my stressful life anyway. But any how, my mom who had been staying with me for several weeks has finally left here. Sort of. She hasn't gone home back to Montana, but has left to stay with my brother just a few hours from here. We were fortunate to get to watch my Nephew Mcallam for the last couple of days. Was very interesting to have a baby around the house again. It certainly brought back memories of when my own kids were little. All I can say is thank goodness my kids are bigger. I love babies, and he was certainly the sweetest, but they are sure exhausting. Like I really need any more work or stress on me. I think I have enough already. But I had fun with him in the house even though he tried to get into everything. He was the sweetest little boy you can imagine. My own son Kevin played very nicely with him. I couldn't believe how well they got along, especially with the age difference. I think it made him feel good that he was not the youngest person in the house. It kind of made him feel like a big brother sort of speak. Man, even my baby is growing up....... WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I told him to stop growing up, but I don't think it is working....Maybe I am just getting old!!!

So now after a couple of days of kids messing up the house, I have to clean it all back up. But since my girls are with their father tonight, I don't mind. It is very peaceful here, and looking outside at the darkened sky just seems to bring some extra peace to me tonight. How I dream it would rain. How wonderful for the senses it would be to sit and watch a beautiful storm. But, I doubt it will ever happen. California don't see too much of that beautiful weather. I am however, am enjoying this time to myself. Between worrying about what spouse might do next, looking for a job, being around extra people, having to do more cleaning, it really makes me long for this time to myself.Don't even mind the work I have been doing. Kind of enjoyable to get things done without interruptions for a change. We shall see how long that will !!!!!!!

Well, went to the store earlier to get some shopping done. It is nice to go to the stores without the girls. I love shopping as most other women do, but when ya take kids it can get very stressful. Because they always seem to want everything. But on the way there , I was listening to Michael Buble. For some reason, I have been spending a lot of time listening to him. More so than the Josh man. Don't know why, just one of those moods I guess. Some days I can listen to nothing but Michael, others it will be nothing but Josh. Are there any other singers out there? LOL!!!!!! Well, no one that can compare to those two guys. They rock this planet. But then, how often have I said that in my blogs? Ok, so you are all rolling your eyes at me now. I can hear some of you thinking..."There goes Laurie, talking about Michael and Josh again...doesn't she have a life?".....HAHAHAHAH! Yes, I do have a revolves around them...!!!!! I guess it could be worse. I could have an addiction to Big Bird or something.......oh, those yellow feathers.....never mind!

But speaking of Michael and Josh.....they will be on American Idol this week. Tuesday and Wednesday. Got to make sure I watch both days. Even my daughter Emily is anxious about watching.It is going to be a really good one if you like music. What could be better than to have my two favorite singers on my favorite TV show? Man, does that make my heart skip a beat. All I can say is Simon better not have a comment for the Josh man!!!!! LOL.........

Anyway, want to send out a huge shout out to my friends who have been giving me lots of support and encouragement these past few weeks. To the people on Yahoo, myspace, and FOJG, you all have meant something to me. I take my friendships very seriously. I know I probably haven't emailed some of you lately, and I am sorry. Been busy with a few things, and trying to get my own thoughts on the right track again.It takes a lot of work to keep the self esteem at a positive level. It is funny, If you ever meet me in person, I am very quiet and will probably have a hard time expressing to you how I feel about all the wonderful words I have received lately and how much it has meant. In fact someone today sent me a beautiful letter, and added the words to Josh Grobans song You are Loved on it..I know the song well, and the words, but it was touching they cared so much to say it. So I guess I am blessed that I have here to express my thoughts and feelings. .It is so much easier for me to say it in writing. I have always been that way. I am truly blessed with all the great friends I have met through out my life. Every person I talk with, and gotten to know have added something a little special to my life and made me a better person. Just want you to all know that even if I don't always say it, that it does effect me deeply.We make many friendships through out our life time, and I Cherish them all. For the first time in such a long time, I feel a sense of peace. It still amazes me the strength I have discovered from changing my life the way I did. I know in my heart it was what I was suppose to do. My journey seems a lot more clear than it use to be. I do owe a lot of that to my friends who have kept me from feeling so down on myself. God bless ya all!

Hope everyone has a great new week and keeps that beautiful smile on your faces. It is never too late to add wonderful friends to your life. They are what makes this planet so worth while.Sometimes you find a real treasure when you discover friends that make you think and feel like you have never felt before.....

My tip for today is if you want an idea for your next vacation spot, how about traveling to the wonderful land of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.....It is near Blue Balls Pennsylvania........! I should know, had a friend send me a postcard while they visited intercourse.....LOLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Man, all the jokes I can think of......... I WONDER WHAT THEIR TEAM MASCOTT IS?????

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