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sleepy words

Emmily's picture
on April 22, 2007 - 10:39pm

so many words to say and write. so many thoughts bouncing and swirling through my mind. no music tonight. just a realm of silence and a subtle distant clink of wind chime when the soft air decides to flutter the stillness of a past midnight moon. i sometimes think i like night more than day. the dark safe brooding sky, the sweet remembering air...soft and gentle with early spring scent. shadows deep and seductive beneath the no longer naked branches. the leaves are so tiny but tomorrow they will small babes in my arms..... almost over night. then cover the grass with shade. this season of beginnings is so amazing to me. each moment and shard of light transforms into a gift of clarity...visions and tapestries of days to come....a summer of magic and sweet long nights of dreams and peaceful journeys not yet imagined.

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