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Its only 10:51pm here and Im board!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 23, 2007 - 7:52pm

Well its a rainy day here.But it was okay we needed the rain. And I did still get to drive the truck. So yeah getting some time behide the wheel.
And I groomed the dogs, they really needed that. And bruch out and a flea bath. Its not so bad I enjoy it. Just getting to spend more time with my dogs is great. I love it.So yeah but didnt get to go for a hike with them today thou cause the woods are to muddy right now and I groomed them, so I wantd them to stay clean for at least one day! LOL
Yeah right, Bear my White Shepherd clean never happeneds. She got grease form my dad's truck on her tonight already. Danm!
But its a thing that just happens I gess. Oh well She will get a bath in a few months. Any way, dont seem to have to much to say really. Its only 10:49pm here and Im board as can be. No one talking to me on MSN or paltalk so I think I will just go to my room and read or wright or listen to musci. So yeah thats it until maybe tomorrow I might be on and may wright somthing again.

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