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Thank you Josh Groban!

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on April 26, 2007 - 10:40pm

Well, I have been spending some time today on my favorite site. Yep, the one and only FOJG. I am sure some of ya are sick and tired of me talking about it, but it has been on my mind alot lately. I guess mainly I have had so much on my mind these days that I feel like I have been missing my talks with my gal pals over there. But what really made me think about it today was last nights American Idol show. I was deeply moved over the event as the stories were heart breaking, and it just reminds me of how lucky each and every one of us is. My kids will have so much more than so many over there will ever see in their precious lives. Some times I think we as Americans and as humans take so much for granted that when we loose it that we feel the shock so deeply and wonder why it happened.It has been happening in Africa for years. But I sat there listening to Josh sing You Raise me up and I just felt all the reasons why I came to like this young man. Even the contestants of that show last night were obviously moved from the performance of him and the little African kids that sung with him. It was truly a beautiful sight. It is a sight we should always remember, and never forget.

Sure, most of the reason I like him is the god given talent that he has been given, but for me he is unlike so many other celebrities that you hear about today. For awhile I felt a little silly for being my age and being a part of a fan club and talking about this person as a teenager would about some crush they had. In fact most of my thoughts here will probably just get tossed in with all the other Grobanite thoughts and opinions.Yep, just another Grobanite. I don't mind though. It is what connects me with them. Even my own friends and family still tease me to this day about him. But if you ever take the time to hear what Josh has done for other charities, and how he himself supports the awareness that continues today about Africa, and people that suffer in general, than you would understand why I appreciate him the way I do. Yeah, there are other celebrities that support these causes and help when they can as well, but most of them also come with un flattering rumors, and a life style that gets so splashed around in the public eye, and they thrive on it. Seems so many believe that bad publicity is good publicity. But Josh, you never hear about him in those trashy tabloids. Why? Because from every thing I hear ,and read, he is been raised in a way that keeps him out of trouble. He isn't your normal Hollywood brat that demands attention. No, he is not perfect by any means, but he does not loose himself in the image of Hollywood.He knows whats important, and it shows in his work. I respect anyone who can maintain a level of normal in a world that is so filled with chaos. It is very refreshing to see that in a person in his business. Especially from a man who is only 26 and still has so much more experiences to discover for himself.

But even the things he has done for his fans and the people on the other side of this world , it isn't the only reason why I have so much respect for him. People come and go in our life time, but it is those individuals with a strong connection with our hearts and dreams that seem to stay around. If you can come across a person that makes you feel that, than you are truly blessed. They don't even have to be famous to make you feel that way. Because of him I have met some wonderful people and have had some amazing adventures. Each person you meet can inspire you in some way to be more than you ever thought you could be. I cherish that when it happens.Would be truly amazing if we all did. I have truly learned what the meaning of giving when I see so many Grobanites take time and money from their own lives to help someone else. I just wish I had the resources to do the same thing. So many times I have wanted to give, but can't. Hopefully someday that will change. I have even had a few help me at times with simple gestures that turned a frown into a smile. The most simple things are often the greatest treasures, and we should all keep those treasures close to our hearts. Ever since joining FOJG, I have really opened myself up to new music, thoughts, friendships...and even been encouraged to just write. I doubt I would have ever been so inspired if his music didn't catch on to my soul at the time it did. It was no accident, it was meant to happen. I was meant to become the person I am , and will be in the future. It just goes to show you how one person can really make a difference and change things for someone else. We are all so connected in some small way.

So, if you ever find your self admiring another person, don't be afraid of it.It does not mean your a nut, or that there is anything wrong with you. Just means you can spot the wonderful qualities of another human being. Don't let some one else tell you that it is crazy, stupid, silly, or that you will get over it. Just know that the feeling might be a part of your life for a reason. Ok, now, I am not saying to go out and stalk the person if you admire them alot, just to use the feelings to gain new experiences. Joining FOJG has brought me well needed friends.What greater gift is there? Thank you Josh Groban!

You are so many! Especially those kids that called him "Uncle Josh".......

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