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Not a Great way to star Sunday!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 29, 2007 - 6:45am

Well I dont really know how to put this in to words really. But yeah I had a very interesting early morning. Last night I got picked up form work be my best freind and I went to her place. Well got there to find that other frind had put on a small fire in the pit. So we sat around that for a few hours. About 1:15am I said good night to everyone and headed in, than it got interesting no more than 10 minutes went by and my friend came running in saying Becca there's been a car crash on the high way we got to go make sure they are ok. So we did, and yeah the high and her road run along each other but with think brush between. And I was very supireed that they heard it. So we got there and yeah there was a car in the dich up side down in about a foot and a haft of water. And There was already a van there and a big rig. And the truck drivers where in the dich with the driver of the van uplling a passanger out and than laing them on the side of the raod and doing CPR. Mean while the Driver of the car is yelling "I need a phone so one of my friends gave her his, but she could not diel the nubers, so he did. And we in the car pulled up infornt of the van and waited for 911 to came to the sean. And after about 10 to 15 minutes they did. And than my friend that was out there helping came back to the car and said "this is going to take a while" as he said that his cell phone rang and it was the driver's friend that she tryed calling, so I went with him back to the van where she was sitting and we handed her the phone, but we had the take it away form her because her was saying things that should not be said over the phone. So we seen a polcoe car pull up and we gave him the phone and he took care of that. We had to stay to just give a statment and we did and than they still didnt let us leave. We where there for 3 hours before they finanly let us go,and I have to work at 12pm today. The sad part is the the passager had died at the scean. And the driver was not all there in mind.
So yeah thats how my day started out so far. Now its 9:40 and I have to wake up my friend so the she can take my to work . So yeah, right now I just dont know my nevers are still feeling weird and I have an up-set stomic, and very shaky with aderenilin ( I cant seem to smell that one!)but I think most of you will know what I mean.
Any way I will be back later after work.

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