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I'm too loud...what?

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on April 30, 2007 - 9:24am

According to my little sister, I make too much noise. According to me, what are you doing still sleeping at 11:00am?

I suppose, since this is FOJG, I should do a Josh related post. Would make perfect sense. Seeing as my lj has more then enough of him on there.

Well, I saw Josh in Ottawa just over two months ago. I bought the tickets on presale, although I didn't realize there was a presale going on until evening. My mum was going to go, but decided AFTER I bought two floor seats, not to go. So I told my roomie she could have it if she paid. She agreed.

Then in January she told me she hates my mum and doesn't want to pay. So I went home and sold the ticket to my lj friend Julie. Roomie also did nothing but complain about stuff being done for the fan meet and greet. Er, I was the one making the photo albums for the charity raffle, I offered to donate sweets for the goodie bags...not her. Either way, she was not going. Anyway, she used to do nothing but insult his music anyway, so in my eyes she had no right to have that floor seat, go to the party and possibly freeze trying to meet him at the buses.

Well, the fan meet and greet was so much fun! Julie and I met for the first time that day, and we enjoyed meeting the other Grobanites. And listening to his sound check, even then I didn't really click we were seeing Josh perform in a couple hours. We sat with Beverly, Amy, Patty and Danielle, all of which were really nice. Before dinner was over we had basically made plans to stick with Patty afterwards.

Row 22 turned out to be a little further back that we originally thought. Angelique was good...her music isn't my personal cup of tea, but she has such an energy. I enjoyed the sing along part - and she would be such an interesting person to talk to.

During intermission, we were discussing the ticket for the 8th row Kimberly was giving away, for free. We had both wanted it, but didn't want to leave the other 14 rows back, alone. My ex-roomie would have ditched me in a heartbeat for it though. Anyway, enough on her. If Kimberly doesn't come along right when we were talking about it, and gave us the ticket. Julie went up to check it out, and I joked to let me know if there was an empty seat up there. She came back floating...the seat next to it was empty!

So yes, angelic little me took that seat. And thought she was going to be sick until I heard that little heart beat sound, and Josh began to sing 'You Are Loved'.

When he finally appeared on stage, the two of us looked at each other for a quick second, squeezed each other's hand in excitement and then all our attention when to Josh. He was just amazing! No words describe him live, you just feel the music inside you when he sings. We sang him Happy Birthday, to which he joked it was like a canon going off at different times. We waved our rainbow glow sticks a few times, Julie swears during 'You Raise Me Up' he noticed them, and nodded in our direction.

After the concert, we were trying to catch Patty, and a woman infront of us yelled for her, saying we had no clue where we were going. lol, we did eventually get to the buses. I was an idiot and forgot my mittens in the back window of the car (the car dropped us off).

So we stood for an hour. Saw Sweeney (looked like a black dot to me), and then Josh came. He was so sweet! I was well behind Julie, and I remember not realizing it was my turn yet, and he thanked me for waiting in the cold. There is no answer for that. I told him the concert was great, I really enjoyed it. Then when I was leaving I turned to say one other thing, to which he laughed and smiled.

So, to top it off, when we were leaving, at the exact time we were pulling out of the venue Josh's bus was (there was only one left to go, so it had to be his). My uncle asks if that was Josh's bus, to which we said yes. Well, if he doesn't start waving up at it like mad, yelling "Bye Josh!!! Come back soon, these girls will miss you!!!"

And that was my Josh Groban adventure!

Been trying to watch the video where he gets the birthday card, but my silly connection is slow. I can listen, sounds as though he liked it. I'm only curious because I signed it - so did Julie. My picture was in it too, with my dog Zeus.

Well, I should do something highly productive today. Right, I say that and never do. Well, I hope to meet some really nice people on here!

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