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I want this week over.

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on May 2, 2007 - 9:19am

We have no food, I'm serious. Just cereal and chocolate layer cake. I'm hungry! I liked it better at college, at least I had food.

I'm having a 'where is my life going' moment - I had to cancel any plans for the musical theatre course this summer, which I'm so sad about. I mean cry myself to sleep sad. I had my summer planned, and a few things had to come up and put everything at a stand still, again. Quite tired of this, but I suppose. Eventually things will get better.

And I haven't done any singing in two weeks. I feel half alive.

Saw the new pictures of Josh on a lj community. *giggle* He makes me think of a lumberjack, or he could do a cameo on 'The Red Green Show'. I have NO idea why, I think it is the pull over he's wearing. I seriously have to stop thinking about it, I'm going to be giggling all day.

Well, that could be a good thing.

Just imagining him on that show is too funny - I have no idea what he would be doing there, but it would be a good laugh.

Pre-sales look rather frightening. No, not taking part in them. If I had the money to go to a concert out West, I would so be there. But I don't. Even though I cancelled all my other plans.

Come back to Ottawa Josh! lol

Well, not for another year, I still have to pay for my 'Phantom of the Opera' ticket.

Well, should go check the laundry! Life after college, just thrill a minute I tell you.

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