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What a birthday!!!!!!!

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on May 2, 2007 - 11:20pm

Well, I am officially 37 years old today and it feels like its in dog years......Lol. Just kidding. Although the days I have been having lately, it does feel like I am older than I am. I suppose a lot of stress will do that to a person. I must say it has been a very decent birthday. First time I had a nice one in a long time. I got up this morning not really expecting to much. I really had only one thing on my mind today, and that was getting my tickets for an upcoming Josh Groban concert. I got on the boards at 10am very nervous how the system would treat me this time around. Last time it wasn't so nice, so I was a bit worried. As it opened, I got on ok at first and typed in the info I was suppose to. Managed to get a seat in the 5th row, or at least I thought. I thought great, that's even better than I had for the one I went to in San Jose. I tried to order it but for some reason the password needed to get in was not a good one. I tried many more times and still couldn't get in. I was getting frustrated because once again I thought I was blocked from getting tickets and knew everyone would get all the good seats before I had a chance to try. I called the company to see what the deal was, and they told me it was the fan clubs issue. So I pulled my hair out, or at least I wanted to, and went to the main man on FOJG for help. I Sent a message to our hero Wyatt on FOJG to see if I could get help. Sure enough, he came to my rescue, YET AGAIN. He da man! He is the guy that bring sall our Joshy news.... Anyhow, got the situation fixed thanks to him, and went to try again. I thought for sure all the good seats were gone, but I got through and manged to get 5th row again. I ordered them and was really happy with that. But I kept hearing stories how great people were getting with their seats. I tried again to see if I could get better. Next one came up was in the 4th row. Well, dang, had to get one of that one too. Ok, so now I am thinking how lucky I am to sit in the 4th row. So I went back on the boards and started chatting with the gals about this whole presale mess. I wasn't alone in this. No one was able to get on it seems. So after moments of chatting, I decided for kicks to see what would come up if I tried again. A couple of far away places came up at first but turned those away. But then suddenly to my surprise I saw a seat in the very first row. I thought, wow, this is my lucky day. So what do you think I did? Yes, I had to order them.So now I have 3 tickets to the same show. I bet you can guess where I am sitting!!! I doubt I will have any problems getting rid of the other two. 5th and 4th row are still awesome seats for someone. The birthday Gods were really nice to me today.

So that news was enough to pick up my spirits. I have to admit, my day really did start of sad. I remember being in the shower and just feeling stressed and tired of all the uncertainty of what to do next in my life.Everything just seems to be hitting me all at once. I felt a bit overwhelmed as usual. I cried a little as the water just came down on me. I thought I wasn't going to like this birthday at all. I really didn't even want it to happen. But it changed quite dramatically.

I am walking through the day feeling pretty good about my ticket adventure. I went to check the mail and received a few sweet birthday cards from a dear friend. Made my day even more brighter knowing that friends care so much. Its funny , only one person on FOJG even wished me a happy birthday today. Felt a bit about sad over that too in a way, but I let it go. It wasn't that big of deal. Having first row tickets to see Josh made me forget that rather quickly.. But if the cards weren't enough, also received some beautiful flowers that made it even better. They were beautiful, and they look so nice on my dinning room table.

Ok, if that's not enough, there seems to be more. My soon to be ex spouse comes over with a birthday cake. It was a nice gesture, but I do feel a bit odd accepting it from him. I am just not ready to be taking nice gestures like this from him. Maybe someday I will feel comfortable with a friendship, but I am so far from that place in life right now. I am just trying to focus on what I need. But I did take the cake. Why not, could always use a sugar rush. I must say, it was special to hear my son Kevin sing Happy Birthday to me as I cut the cake. Very sweet. He even kissed me and said Happy Birthday mommy. AWWWWWWWW! What more could a mom want?

But I think the most memorable thing today other than my tickets, and my sweet son, was my dear friend in another state actually orders me a pizza and has it delivered. God, I can imagine what the person thought who took the order... Again, another sweet thought from a friend. I really do appreciate the things all my friends have done for me lately. Its moments like those that make me think of God and wonder what his plan was when he sent me friends so sweet and caring. Either way, I stopped questioning what happens in my life and just make the best with what I have been given. It is up to me to make myself happy. No one else.

Sarah and I are sitting on the couch this evening watching Idol. Me and her have officially become the "Blaker girls"......she and I think Blake is the best one on that show and we both like him quite a bit, so we are now calling ourselves the "Blaker Girls..." Gotta love that name........The contestants are down to 4 now and it is going to get tough the next few weeks. My prediction still remains at Blake and Jordon being the final two.........

All and all it was a pretty decent birthday. There was no parties, or going out to eat, but it was still a nice birthday. Certain things in the day made me smile and that's all that really matters. When you can find things that truly put a smile on your face, embrace them when it happens.The good moments in life may not always be around, so you have to appreciate them while you have them.

Hope everyone has a good night and sweet peaceful dreams. You are loved.......Don't give up!!!!!!!!

Oh...Just want to send my wishes to Mrs Groban on a happy Birthday too......Hope her sons spoiled her rotten... Its kind of nice to share a birthday with the mom of my favorite singer.....That rocks!!!!!!!!

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