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Last day...

Rileysmom's picture
on May 4, 2007 - 3:35am

Yesterday was my last official day where I've worked for 13 years. I felt drained by the time I left there. Goodbyes are the worst. I really wanted to disappear out the back door because I hate all the fuss.
I didn't leave on bad terms, just a better paying job, so I really liked everyone very much.
Why is it you have the best time in the world the last few days on the job? It's like you let your hair down because you know you won't be seeing these people much again. We laughed and joked around all day, went out to lunch, this and that. My mind certainly wasn't on the job. But when 5 rolled around...ugh.. I quickly hugged a few people and shot out the back.
After I left I got in my van and cranked up Josh so loud. I didn't even want to think about anything.
I have the emotions and awkwardness of leaving my friends and the anxiety of starting a new job.
The only time I really ever cry is when I'm majorly po'd, so I just shove all the feelings down. So what happens is during the night when I sleep I dream these depressing things, then I cry and sob during my dreams. It is the wierdest thing ever. I've done that twice this week.
I'm excited about Monday. I'm ready to move on and see what something new will be like.

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