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Entry #2

vijaykumar's picture
on May 4, 2007 - 9:06pm

Very tired and can't wait to for school to get out next week. I absolutely HATE end of year exams...almos as much as I LOVE Josh...but who can blame me. Spanish is the one that's gonna kill me. Oh, well. Listening to Josh as I study helps me calm down. I hope I get to see him again this summer! It doesn't matter if I don't. There's always another tour in the years to come. Did any one get to see Josh on American Idol with the African Childrens Chior? AMAZING!!!! Those kids are so cute! I wish I could have seen the whole thing though....I missed half of his performance! Thankfully I have it taped at home so I can see it when I get there. I have a math exam at 7:30 on Monday morning that I have to study for and then I'm going to bed. Good night my fellow Grobanites and will keep this updated over the summer!

I <3 THE JOSH!!!!!!!!

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