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A fun evening.......

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on May 11, 2007 - 5:19am

We went to a funeral last night for a girl named Angela that my hubby works with at the police department. She was a 911 dispatcher. Tuesday night she blew through a redlight at a high rate of speed and flipped her car about 5 times. She had no seatbelt on and it killed her. She was only 42.
About 6 months ago Robert came in from work upset because he had pulled her over for going 80 miles an hour down the turnpike in oak ridge. He about wrecked going after her only to find out it was HER. He said "Angela you're going to kill someone or your self if you continue to drive like that." She just laughed it off because she knew she wouldn't get in trouble over it.
So, anyway, I just think funerals are the worst. Not only because of the loss, but just the whole process.

We get there last night and the place is full of people and there lies casket. They did a great job on her because I swear it looked like she was sleeping - almost with a smile on her face which was a little creepy to me.
Then everyone walks by and looks at her.
Once the receiving is over they close this curtain and "Freebird" by Lynrd Skynrd starts playing.
I'm like "OMG..what a choice of songs" and I sort of chuckle under my breath.
THEN.....her preacher from childhood stands up and reads the obituary, then gives the eulogy.
He paints this picture of Angela's life that HE and the FAMILY wanted everyone to see...."Angela loved life" "She loved Jesus and was a wonderful Christian woman"...this and that.
Maybe that's true...I'm not one to say.
But...I couldn't stop thinking about the major possibility of her being drunk and negligently running through a redlight on the outskirts of town.
She was really loving life that night I guess...and what if my family had been traveling through that intersection at the same time??

I guess in all this rambling..what I'm trying to say is....first of all, I don't want people gawking at me in a casket
and secondly, I certainly don't want my pastor BSing the audience about my life. Just be real already. Angela was one of Roberts good friends on the job. She was a fun person, but I'm not sure she was the choirgirl the preacher made her out to be.

And one more thought...ALL these people show up in death. Where are they in life?? That question has always come to mind when I go to these things.
Angela hadn't spoken to her mom in years over some petty silly problem. But there stood her mom right by her casket last night. That was the biggest tragedy of the evening in my opinion. But it didn't stop them from playing the song "Love Can Build A Bridge".
So many contradictions in one night. It was very strange to me.

The bottom line for me up the crematory, and sprinkle me over the flower garden. It's certainly much cheaper.

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