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Busy day.

vijaykumar's picture
on May 12, 2007 - 7:14am

Well, I have an hour to get ready to go. And I have a sister who is the slowest thing next to a snail who I should be nice and allow to use the shower first. I hope there will be hot water left.

Spent a few days with Julie, which was great. It was kinda funny, we were walking to the bus stop and she says all those Josh memeories just came back when I showed up. When I told her about the fanclub grad gift, her eyes went wide and she tells me when he is back in Ottawa, so buy two tickets again! We really did have way too much fun, is there a certain time limit to come down from that kind of high?

My niece is still carrying on about the blood work. Well, the needle really. I don't know why either. It isn't like she got stuck with it. And my arm was awful itchy for the rest of the day, not to mention sore. I just know the follow up is not going to be what I want, and I'm going to be telling this guy I want to see a new doctor. I've spent the past year being pushed around by people, and that is over. No more of it.

Well, at least for the Mother's Day lunch I have a nice outfit. I bought a lovely silk skirt when I was shopping with Julie. It is from India, so pretty. I just have to get around to getting cleaned up...if the other sister doesn't take the next hour.

And next Saturday they're all going to the 'royal wedding' as I've been calling it. For one of our a little off cousins. She can have it, I'm staying here with my dog to have a 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' and Josh DVD marathon!

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