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"Congratulations, you've joined the ranks of all the rest...:

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on May 13, 2007 - 6:49pm

"Congratulations, you've joined the ranks of all the rest..."

Ever feel like you're deliberately being ignored? Yeah...if you do, then you know exactly how I'm feeling about now...not that it matters at all.

I suppose I should be happy...I think it's pretty safe to say that I scraped by this semester with a possible 4.00, but it came at a high price. To get that nice 4.00 GPA, I ruined a friendship, pushed everyone that knows me beyond aquaintance as far away as possible, earned a few hate-hate relationships at work, drove my family crazy...need I go on? *sighs*

HA...I was looking forward to going to see Josh perform in Denver, but that was until my family so kindly started making fun of the fact that I like his music. I can't help it if I have better taste in music than they do...

Oh yes, for anyone that doesn't know, I'm moving to Laramie with Court on June 1st...another chapter of my life will begin there, hopefully this time it will go the way I want it to. School at University of Wyoming will prove to be different, as I can't stand half the people that go to school there...good thing I'm a pretty tolerant person when it comes to putting up with idiots (at least I like to think so...). I guess that will get me closer to my goal of moving back to CO, but that will come after graduation (to which my parents and most of my family will not be invited, afterall, they didn't think I'd ever get back into school anyway...). I will also be closer to CO (50 minutes north of Ft. Collins) so I can go visit anyone that's still living in CO where I went to HS...although I really don't think any of the people I considered friends even live there anymore...Denver maybe, but not little POS hicktown.

Sorry for such a weird entry, just trying to let people know I'm still alive (since I've been MIA because of school and such...).

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