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job, Superman & Survivor

joshlover2themax's picture
on May 14, 2007 - 3:18pm

So I have been working at my new job for half a week now. They made a list of projects that they need me to do and that list is quickly shrinking. lol I like working there. I feel like I get paid well for what I do and I like the work. Everyone is really nice. I am not yet in the payroll system but I really hope that I am in time to get a paycheck. They pay every two weeks.

This weekend I watched ‘Superman: Returns’. It is the first time I have sat though a whole Superman movie. I really liked it. I want to see one and two sometime and then watch it again since it takes place after those. Brandon Routh looks a lot like Christopher Reeve.

The Survivor finale was last night. The whole season was really great. I am so glad that they are doing another one. One of the main reasons I watch it is because Jeff (the host) is really hott! Usually he only wears button-down shirts but last night after we found out who won he changed into a brown long-sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans. He looked really hott!! I kept staring at him. lol He looks so cute with his dimples. Next Survivor is going to be in China.

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