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Hi All!

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on May 14, 2007 - 3:32pm

Worked from home today and loved it! I would take a cut in pay to be able to do that full time!

I'm still recovering from my surgery...the swelling is better, but the bruising just gets worse.

Dad was surprised that I had an interest in the thing he sent me over the weekend. After I looked into it further, it doesn't make sense not to do it because it is free. The cool part is you get rebates on things you buy and you can buy just about anything (I bought toothpaste, toilet tissue, etc.). The even cooler thing is that it's part of one of many charitable organizations geared toward children and community and a percentage of corporate earnings (I'm assuming from the companies who's online services are represented in the mall) goes to charity. I don't know much about that part yet, so more to follow, but it's pretty neat.

It's just a few months old, but I would think that once it takes off it will be very successful.

Is it July yet? I can't wait to see Josh! I broke the news of "VIP" tickets to my husband last night. He wasn't interested in the "I'm sorry honey, I panicked" story...but he got it anyway! :) He just had to understand why I did what I did! He was upset for just a minute or two then all he could do was shake his head in disbelief! My husband is a good guy.

Hope everyone had a great mom's day yesterday. Mine was filled with doing NOTHING which is exactly what I wanted to do! I felt bad because my husband was out there slaving in the yard while I looked on working my Sudoku magic. I love Sudoku!

Alright...gotta get the boy ready for swimming lessons! He is so excited! You'd think the magic of it would die down a little from the first time, but it hasn't for him. It's so cute to watch!

See you later!

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