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I'm a New Josh Fan and driving everyone around me insane

vijaykumar's picture
on May 17, 2007 - 7:36pm

I recently saw Josh in concert for the very first time. I have known a little bit of his music and really did not know what I was to expect when I went. My sister in law won tickets off her local tv station in San Diego and My brother flew me down to go with her to see Josh's concert. I HAD an ABSOLUTE BLAST. I love music. I don't care what kind. Music speaks to me. I have NO TALENT in music. Meaning I can't sing all though I love to. I don't play an instrument however I'd love to learn the piano. I just really love music. It speaks to me beyond what most people get out of it. I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS FOR JOSH! He reminds me of my oldest son. Same funny sense of humor, same character, goof ball. I immediately went out and bought "Live At The Greek" and "Josh Groban In Concert" and have done nothing but listen to him sing whenever I get the chance. I am currently trying to obtain tickets so I can see him again in August here in Seattle and can NOT wait to go again now that I have memorized all of his songs. My favorites are ALLEJATE (this is the best one ever) Mi Morena (Ohh so close to the best one yet) Then "When You Say You Love Me" I plan on marrying again someday and dancing with my future husband to that song. Maybe I'll get lucky and Josh will sing it LIVE.. in the distance. LOL
Yes I am a dreamer"

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