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Fond Memories.....

vijaykumar's picture
on May 18, 2007 - 7:59pm

My nephew graduated from high school this evening and I went to the ceremony. It brought back so many wonderful memories of when my daughter graduated three years ago. Now I can't believe that she'll be a senior in college next year already. I KNOW that last year is going to go fast. She's pretty much Miss Independent.....I always think I'm ready for my baby to be grown up, but I always fall back every now and then and decide I'm not ready for that. I guess the letting go is a drawn-out process, not one that is over and done just like that!

I'm looking forward to this weekend. This past week at work has really been "different." So much going on with upper management and certain ones not taking responsibility, executive meetings and all that "official" stuff. My direct supervisor is involved and she has been SOOOO stressed and overwhelmed. My department is doing what we can for her, but there's a limit on what we can do for her because it involves general ledgers, journals, aged reports, balancing revenues and all that kind of stuff. I just pray this all works out soon!! It will be nice to just relax and not think about all of it this weekend.

Tomorrow is suppose to be nice and warm, so maybe I can be outside a good part of the day. I think it's time to hit the sack so I can get up and enjoy my Saturday fully rested. Goodnight to all....

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