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What A Week

vijaykumar's picture
on May 18, 2007 - 11:41pm

This week didn't start out to great. I found out that Sunday night my stepdad had a mild stroke but didn't know it because he chose not to go to the hospital. Then the following morning he couldn't move so he finally went to the hospital and turns out he had a mild heart attack. I swear what am I gonna do with him this has happened before but everytime he refuses to go to the hospital. This time because he didn't go he busted a blood vessel and was bleeding into his brain. It finally clotted so they won't have to do surgery. My mother and I are going to the VA hospital tomorrow to see him. Thats the one good thng he was in the military so he gets free health care. I am watching my 6 year old sister Sunday so my mom can go see him again. Plus I am taking her to school all next week its her last week and she shouldn't miss it. If any one reads this say a little prayer for my stepdad. I don't want him to die and leave my little sister to grow up with out her dad like me.

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