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vijaykumar's picture
on May 23, 2007 - 6:43am

Well my mom went in for an MRI monday.. and well.. it didnt go so well. She freaked out in the middle of the test. She got light headed and felt she couldnt breathe. My sister was with her while I was at work and getting that call scared me. She refused to start the test again. My sister brought her home and she wasnt herself after that. Then my sister exaplins to me that her ultra sound taken of her main arties in her neck came back with abnormalities and they want to do a MRA on her.. This is definetly not what I want to hear.. I went to the chapel nearby our home and prayed for her.

This is all scaring me and worrying me. Its taking its toll on me.. Im stressing myself out about this on top of going to school and work. Rushing back and forth. Then I came down with a cold that wont go away.. partially because I havent been sleeping enough or eating right. My back is tense and bothering me. Im trying to keep a smiling face on though and being strong so that work and friends think everything is fine. not really knowing whats going on inside of me. I think this situation is breaking me down. It helps though writing this jounral. It keeps me partially sane. Plus my boyfriend is doing a great job at giving me the support I need right now and running any errands for me or my mom. His goofy self keeps me laughing and a positive outlook on this whole thing. I will make it through and my mom will pull through just fine.

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