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Happy Friday - they are synonymous

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on May 25, 2007 - 4:27am

Well hooray it's not only Friday but the eve of a looooong weekend! I am excited. I haven't had a day off since April when I went to see *sniffle* Josh! Yeah, I'm still missing him an awful lot ... anyway, yes I know I was off Wednesday but that doesn't count because I've been working 10 hour days all week just so that I could have Wednesday off -- and I wanted to have time to myself on Wed so that I could catch up on some writing and did I catch up on writing? NOPE!! My kids had me going here and there ... it made me nuts!! So here's what's going on ...

1. I still miss Josh but the fact that the western (?) European Grobies have been keeping us in the loop of what's going on with HRH and providing much desired photos of their encounters has been easing the pain of his absence. Turid took a fabulous photo of Josh that rivals any others I've seen from the masters including Alice. I asked for permission to use it to make a clock and have been granted such so I can't wait to make one and see how it turns out ... I think I'll make it into a wallpaper and then put it on a clock. I'm going to use one of the good clocks too, the heavy wood-framed clock generously donated to me by our Vytorin rep. They don't make those clocks anymore which is a shame because those are the best clocks to make!! I'll put it into one of the silver frames as well - I'm sure it'll come out just fine ... wait, hold the phone, just fine? NO! It'll be breathtaking - we ARE talking about Josh right? LOL I'm going to make clocks right and left and anyone who wants them for their M&G can just email me or PM me and I will send them a few for auction!!

2. I'm still missing Josh a whole lot - oh did I say that already? I know I did but I'm saying it again. Josh, baby, come home. I worry about you being so far away. How stupid is that? LOL Okay I forget who I'm talking to -- to you guys it ISN'T stupid, to everyone else it is. Some rep came in yesterday and she was eyeballing my desk area and says to me "Is that Josh Groban?" Of course my face lit up and I said "Why yes, yes it is." Turns out she wasn't a fan, she said she'd never even heard him sing but one of her 'guilty pleasures' is gossip websites and she said she'd read his name and saw his pic -- whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone!! I tried to get her to tell me what it was about and she "couldn't remember" - dang it!

3. I'm abstaining from the treadmill today - I had a very sore and swollen knee yesterday and my 'physician' said she would break my neck if she found out I was on it today. So I'm not gonna piss her off by getting on it.

4. It has been CRAZY WINDY here this past week ... gorgeous weather!! Last night when I left work it was 83 degrees but it felt like around 70 with the wind and the low humidity!! I'll take this weather any day!! In fact I'm a big fan of extreme weather. Major thunderstorms, snowstorms, wind, hail ... LOVE it! Why? Dunno ... maybe it's because I'm a freak?

4. Writing, writing, writing this weekend - at least I'm hoping. Keep your fingers crossed. I have Emma, Emma, Emma tonight and baby boy all weekend but I'm hoping he will be busy with his buddy and I can do what I need to do.

Hey, have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous memorial day. Don't stray too far from home, you'll have to take out a loan to fill up your gas tank ... *sigh*

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