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who are you?

Emmily's picture
on May 25, 2007 - 11:47pm

who is this person that has captivated my heart? with his expressive eyes and words from his soul? melodies and haunting chords from a piano so not asleep upon an endless and dark night. he speaks to me but i cannot answer him or ask him the questions i ponder. just words that filter through my mind. mixed with images of smiles and laughter, moments so fleeting they seem to disolve in the air. yet so lasting in my heart i can close my eyes and hear his voice echoing against the sky. and see his eyes whispering a gentle thank you. how does anyone make sense of any of this? how does one put it in "perspective" and simply return to everyday life? with no notion of being touched or changed by it? i just cannot do that. i can't turn and walk away like nothing has happened. like this amazing incredible adventure and journey has not affected my life and how i am as a person. deep breath... so josh if ya ever wondered if you "touch" hearts and people......maybe people who get a little lost along the way......maybe people that just need to hear you sing a certain lyric... maybe one you wrote late one night or one while on a plane 30,000 feet in the air. i don't know jw. just keep doing what you do. and if you ever need to stop doing what you do that's ok too. oui i sound like an incredibly wacked individule right about now. O:) rolls eyes.......need to go listen to some vusi and get some sleep. 3 am is so tomorrow.

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