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Emmily's picture
on May 27, 2007 - 6:49pm

so i guess when the boards are slow this is where i end up. i can't understand why more peeps don't follow the out of us tour. sorry josh but i can't help but think of you guys over there sharing your music and giving it your all. making your amazing music a gift to the entire world as it should be. the us certainly cannot claim exclusive rights to it. and that is what is so awesome about you jw. the globalness of it all. the fact that you can touch the souls of the earth no matter where they are located is amazing. i so hope you can continue to do so. and i know you will. so tonight as the buses pull out of manchester and begin their long journey to scotland.....i wish you a peace in your heart, a deep and gentle rest, a sweet sleep, and dreams that will come true. dream on jw..... keep believing. and keep writing those amazing lyrics that haunt your's ok to share them.

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