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Emmily's picture
on May 27, 2007 - 7:18pm

had to come back. right now the thunder and lightening is rattling the joisey state. it's around 10 pm and seth is hiding under the covers. O:) so cool that the days can be so awesome and beautiful and the nights filled with the chaos of an electric environment. some of my favorite moments have been sitting on the porch with the kids.....watching a light show of amazing proportions. it's all nature and the way it should be. we would sit on the big porch swing and watch the lightening and hug and hold our ears when the thunder came. now they are down the shore or at a friends house......not in my arms or safe on the porch. away from me now......finding their way in this world. sarah sings "i won't fear love"......and "i will remember you...." i should prob turn this mac off and get to sleep. and dream some amazing dreams

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