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on May 27, 2007 - 8:59pm

The phone woke me up at 6am this morning. Surprise! My West Coast Relatives were at the airport and needed me to give them directions to the hotel's they were staying at. I had no clue they were coming for a visit and since no one in the family bothered to tell me it was a shock to my system. I met them all at the hotel a couple of hours later and we had a nice breakfast together. All total there were 30 of us taking over a corner of the hotel dining room. The last time we were all together. was for Matt's funeral in San Diego. They had all come in December when another family member passed away very suddenly at age 51 just before Christmas. David left 3 kids and a wife who are still stunned over his death. Blood clots in the lung can be lethal. Anyhow, they came because David's oldest son graduated from College two weeks ago and his youngest son is graduating from High School in three weeks. They also knew Carol and I needed some family support as well. It's nice to have people together under happier circumstances.

I don't know who's bright idea it was to put my culinary talent's to use but my one cousin from LA asked if it was possible to do a clambake in the back yard. So, I made a list of everything that goes into a traditional clambake. The kids dug a pit in the back yard, lined it with stones and started fire. I went to the store and got lobster,shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, chicken, sausages, potatoes, corn on the cob. I then got the seaweed and other stuff I needed. Went back home, prepped everything. Hauled it all over the my cousin's house. We got everything on the fire. I then came home and made brownies, and some pies. In the meantime the kids got ice, soda, beer, wine and bottles of water. We also had hot dogs and burgers on the grill since some of the younger kids don't like seafood.

Of course Mother Nature had to mess things up later in the afternoon. Thunder storms came pounding through but by then all the food was cooked so we ate inside and had a great time.

Tomorrow morning I get to make breakfast at my cousin's house for 25 people. Hopefully the weather will clear up and I can use the grill to cook the bacon, sausages and ham. Eggs can be done on the grill as well as the pancakes and English Muffins. I'll need lots of hot coffee tomorrow to feed this crew. The family agrees that best move I ever made was going to culinary school and getting a degree. Cooking is a passion of mine and it does relax me so I don't mind cooking for the family.

At least with all these people around it's keeping me from falling into a dark hole. Tomorrow would have been tough without family support. We're doing a Memorial Service at Church for both Matt and David. I know some tears will be shed but it's better to get it out rather than keeping it bottled up inside.

All I can say is YAY to my family. I need to get some sleep. It's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow.

Good Night!

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