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on May 29, 2007 - 1:07pm

Hello again. Today is the day after Memorial Day. People are going and coming back to work as usual. I went to physical therapy this am to have my left knee worked on. I am a long term care nurse and I am on my feet for long hours three nights a week. I have been taking care of my dad, now he is in the Lord's precious arms, no more suffering for him.
I have a beautiful day outside and am going to plant some flowers and remember my dad and mom and my brothers and sisters and all the mischief we always got ourselves into. We talked lots about that when dad was able to listen to us. We took care of him at home until he took his last breath. We prayed together with our hands held and candles lit. Dad heard us, mom cried in the shadows. She misses him so much. We are going to play "Awake" at his Memorial Service at Church. Thank you again Josh.
My best friend from high school and I and my husband and another friend have tickets to the concert in Stockton on the floor level Row 10!! WOW, that is something to look forward to. I have already taken my little granddaughter Sarah to the Sacramento concert where Josh could not have been better. Oh My Gosh, JOSH you were putting me under your spell. I cannot wait to show you off to my husband and friends. I wish my mother could go. Perhaps that could be arranged. We shall see.
Well, God has blessed us with another day to memorize right Josh? and thank Him for it! May you all be blessed with love for each other and your families. God Bless you Josh and Protect you in your travels along with your precious mom and dad and your brother also.
One of your best buddies and fans,

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