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Give me a break

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on May 30, 2007 - 11:44am

What I really need to do is listen to Josh - I need some cheering up.

I'm on this booster board at our high school because I have passion for the program and the students and the teachers and heavenly days...........I COULD JUST PUKE AT ALL THE STUPID CRAP THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT........I guess there's politics to everything, but this is rediculous. Even things said in complete innocence is taken the wrong way. I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut...........I'm a "peacemaker" at heart and I think in a way people are threatened by that - it's like they THRIVE on chaos and enjoy the "fight" - good grief, I could scream.

OK - none of you deserved to hear all that; I just needed to air, or I'd blow up I swear. So, breath Colette, think of your wonderful Josh friends and the man himself. I'm going to turn TV off and get some JG music going.

Whewwwww - MUCH better. Thank you Josh Groban.

So, it's hump day - last day of school for my kids. Remember how exciting this day was growing up? I love it! :)

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