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Part Two!

vijaykumar's picture
on May 31, 2007 - 6:35am

Right so.... before I was gushing about Josh... now I'm gonna gush some more! lol!

I don't remember the play list..... blimey I can only just remember my name...

He sang all my favourites which I was ecstatic about.

February Song - it kills me everytime. Such a beautiful, beautiful song. And there is something about a guy sitting at a piano singing his heart out... uhhhhh! lol!

To where you are - i love this song.. love love LOVE it... I used it to do an Attila video with Gerard butler ( it's on you tube - my username is baldrick84!) and have loved it ever since i first heard it so it just made my year hearing it live!

The whole show was just fab, i really liked the projections.. although the owls scared me a little..........

Josh of course looked gorgeous wearing... i think.... ( i still have candyfloss for brains!) dark jeans and a brown shirt or jacket.. how terrible! i cant remember! lol! he did look good though... THAT i remember! :)

Now, one thing I have to say is.. being a veteran of Michael Ball concerts, its made me realise just how nasty some of the Michael fans are.

A big rukkus on the MB forum ( and a cause of many vicious messages to me!) around tour time is my ( not just me.. a large number of others too) objection to the use of cameras, especially ones with a) a flash or b) a digital screen on the back...... where as i dont see the problem with people taking photos in theory... i do object to being blinded every two seconds by some crazy old bat swinging her 1980 kodak brick around... i have to point out those digital screens are just as distracting when they are floating around infront of you....
It has been raised several times and I get bombarded with the replies of " We dont care, we paid money for our seat we are going to do it regardless"

Now... I had no idea what to expect at a Josh concert ... but I have to say i didn't notice anyone with a camera out.. i know there were people coz ive seen the pics... but i didnt get distracted by it at all! It just goes to show that good photos can be taken without burning the retinas of every person in the room!

I have to say, Josh fans are much more considerate, polite and well behaved.. i hasten to use the phrase " well behaved" ... i think " normal" is the right one............. it just made me realise just how unruly the MB fans are! shame on them! Lol!

So... i love josh fans... I love Josh.... i love Luc on the violon, Mr Guitar man makes me laugh.... what else.... oh and Josh nearly got me fired.......

All is explained on the *ahem* panda love thread.

Much love people!

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