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Sunday boredom......

vijaykumar's picture
on June 3, 2007 - 5:55pm

What a BORING day! From the sounds of it, lots of others are having just as boring a day as me. I actually took a nap this afternoon, didn't really need to since I slept in til 9 a.m., but was nice anyway. That was probably not what I should have done because now I'll be up really top that off, I also drank lots of coffee today because it tasted really, really good for some reason. So.....the wee hours of the night, here I come!!

We got some REALLY great rain today.....buckets and buckets of it. We needed the rain, everything was getting pretty dry. Makes for a gloomy day, however, hence the reason I'm bored. Sure, I could clean, but who wants to do that???

Two more months and I see JOSH again.....CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I think the two-month mark will be my official start to count-down. Now, if I would only get my tickets, the worrying would be gone.

Well, enough rambling on about nothing. I'm gonna look for a few things to do since I'm so much awake right now. Everyone have a GREAT week!!

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