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on June 4, 2007 - 5:43pm

Boy, after such a busy school year, I'm almost at a loss for excitement when it comes to journaling. I hope I'm not too boring..........but here goes. Another beautiful day - 75 and sunny but kindof a cool breeze - it's more from the North today so didn't have to turn on the air conditioning. I hate closing up the house so when we have days like this I'm in my glory. It makes me ambitious too - scrubbed kitchen and bathroom floors and did some odds and ends cleaning. Feels good - nice and fresh :)

My kids have been out of school since last Thursday but tonight they have a sectional meeting for Marching Band (Marching Band is HUGE here). They start early with a couple meetings and then go into it full swing in August with band camp for a week and practices everyday through October. Hannah tried out for "Commander" and got it - she's sooo excited; and this is Austin's first year of highschool and marching band so he's a bit nervous, but excited to get to know some new people. My kids attended a very small Lutheran school affiliated with our church from Pre-K through 8th grade so High School is a big jump for them.

I seem to write alot about my kids, don't I. I'll try to come up with some interesting news ~ maybe I should go get into some trouble :) LOL and write about that .....

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