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Ginny28's picture
on June 6, 2007 - 3:43pm

I flew to Holland from Spain to visit my family and on saturday the 2nd went to Brussels to see his concert, it was starting at 8 pm it was 8.20 and we were still looking for a place to park the 2 cars we had, no luck, thank God they decided to drop us off at the door while they kept looking, we walked in exactly as josh appared on stage, it was magical, later i found out that we didn't miss anything, it just started late... that was such amazing, the concert was a dream come true, spacially when he sang the song in her eyes, and he was walking through the audience, I had to take the chance to be close, so I ran down the aisle and gave him my hand... he hold it for about 15 seconds but the world just stopped for me, i regret not saying anything, and I regret not staying after the concert and push my luck and actually MEET him, but my family was waiting and so was my husband, maybe next time.

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