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Well HELLO, and how are YOU????

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on June 7, 2007 - 11:35am

WOW! So much time has passed – I’m hardly aware of it – since my argument with my daughter and SIL. Since then she has apologized but he hasn’t. Well too bad for him. And here’s my thoughts – that if someone, no matter what they have done to me asks me to forgive them for something I feel obligated to do so. Why? Because how could I ever, in good conscience ask someone else for forgiveness and get it if I don’t do the same? I can’t … just like I can’t leave a case of soda on the bottom of the cart at the grocery store and if the cashier doesn’t see it and ring it up without running back into the store and paying for it. Seriously folks, this kind of stuff keeps me awake at night!!! *insert giggling smilie here* Sooo Issy and I are on speaking terms again. No biggie. I couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing my baby girl (not Issy but Emma) anyway. Speaking of which ….

I’m going to have another granddaughter not only emerging into the world but taking up residence in my house in the next few weeks! My DIL Char has scheduled a c-section to deliver Miss Alexandra Chalifoux Thursday June 21st!! I can’t wait to see that little stinker. I’ll bet her hair will be nothing but a mass of tiny little black ringlets!!! I intend to call her Miss Allie of course and then I’ll have two little concert buddies – Miss Emma and Miss Allie!!! Damn I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

Work has been going fine. I love my job, you know that. I went to see the ortho guy about my knee pain and he thinks I might have a torn meniscus and his outlook on the state of my kneecap and whatnot wasn’t as bad as the last few orthos I went to see. He said it actually looks better than the right one save for the fact that all the cushion is gone from underneath it which might mean injecting it periodically with synvisc which is basically chicken fat and provides the necessary cushion. I am open to nearly anything but surgery – can’t have ANYTHING getting in the way of me seeing HRH when he gets his scrawny, talented A$$ back here and stays for a little bit to entertain US … Dang he’s been gone too long.

I started a new HGKU thread in case you didn’t know or have been hiding under a rock the last few days and already the doggone thing has been moved into the dungeon. All that’s missing is me in handcuffs hanging on the wall … do you suppose if that happens I should change my name to ART?? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Man I kill me. Don’t these ‘funsuckers’ as I have been calling them lately have anything better to do than to complain about everything I do? Am I really that bad? Good Lord … I swear I don’t say anything that anyone else doesn’t say. I think because it’s coming from ME … Well I do apologize and beg for forgiveness (heh heh) BUT I say how I feel – no more, no less. Does that make me so wrong?? I haven’t gotten an email from Wyatt yet so it must not be THAT bad …

Great, I just jinxed myself didn’t I ………

OMG I almost forgot to tell you - I was talking to Jessi today and I said to her "So how come I’m not – and I was going to say traveling all over the GLOBE and I said traveling all over the GROBE” Hahahahahaha!!!! So I guess my Freudian Slip is showing. *blush*

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