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Higher education...what?

vijaykumar's picture
on June 8, 2007 - 7:52am

Okay - explain this one too me. College calls my mum, leaves phone number for me to call. Of course it's one of those stay on the line things - which after ten minutes has me saying a few choice words and slamming down the phone. So I go online to get their regular number, I get the woman in question and here is their all important, buring question:

How do you spell your name?

Um, what? I was there for two painful, seemingly never ending years, did no one clue in on how my name is spelt there? Alright, I'll give you my first name has about four different spellings, my last has two. But come on.


Give me strength. People worry me greatly sometimes.

Well, I fancy I should have something to say on Josh - well, here it is. How do people working with him keep a straight face? I recently got the limited edition/special edition/whatever it's called of 'Closer'. That DVD had me laughing quite a bit. This coming from the person who's greatest dream would be to sing with him (my voice teacher gave me trouble for not singing to Josh when I met him - er, it was midnight, can't see me just launching into song there sweetheart...and let's not go down as a crazy fan).

'Phantom of the Opera' in a few days! Yay! Get to see Julie! And oh yes, I got a shiny new sparkly ipod nano! Wheee! It's pink and shiny and beautiful and full of my lovely Broadway, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman and bits of everything else music...and pictures of my doggie Zeus and pictures from the Ottawa concert! And even from meeting him! Eee!

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