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two per chicken

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on June 8, 2007 - 8:29pm

my older cousin joey visited us randomly last night so when i got home from work he was sitting in our kitchen. yaaaay. it's joey. we always hang out when he visits and since he's managing a hotel in atlantic city, he lives closer so he's visited us twice now which is cool.

this morning i got up at 9 and only for him did i not shower. lol i actually didn't even feel gross...that's the first time i've ever gone out without doing all the girly pre-outting rituals. shower, makeup, hair. etc. we were gonna go out for breakfast and then to six flags soooo, i didn't want to make him wait an entire hour and half for me getting ready.

so me, my sister and joey all went out to get breakfast and joey hassled the waitress as usual. lol i swear the guy isn't happy unless he's making what he wants a point. i wish i could be more like him in that respect, he's not afraid of getting what he wants or what he thinks he deserves. but he can be annoying about it lol
anyway, breakfast was good and colleen had to go to work so joey and i headed out to the theme park.

there was still a lot of people there but it was still not overly crowded, it being a weekday and all. joey figured since it was a school day not many kids would be there. wrong. 90% of the crowd were kids. and we got a good parking space so as we headed toward the entrance, joey goes to me,

"did you even see that?" so i just looked at him like....see what?

"those guys were totally checking you out. one of em elbowed his friend and they were looking at you." oh.
hahahaha i didn't even notice. why am i so oblivious to EVERYTHING? i just thought that was funny. but maybe they were watching because im strange looking ;) later when we had lunch he chatted me up about why ive never had a bf. i just say it's cause i smell. lol so then he asked me if i was into girls. lol NO. i mean i guess i can see why people might suspect that but, no, mel no swing that way. just guys for this gal. but he assured me i could tell him anything i wanted to and not worry about it. he's a real cool guy, he can be a butt munch but i really appreciate it that he actually listens to me and we can chill.

but moving on. i warned him i'm a wimp when it comes to rollercoasters. not the rollercoasters of a relationship, mind you but the real, scream your head off, get hit in the face with a goose sort of rollercoasters.
there were THREE in the park that i'd willingly go on. we only went on one which i swear to high heaven was A LOT faster than i recall. the entire ride is in the dark and i screamed my head off. even joey didn't expect it to be THAT fast. i think it gave him a headache. lol
the one i liked the most was closed. then we wanted to take this water rapid ride where you sit in a giant tube: closed.
A LOT of rides were closed which sucked so joey wasn't pleased about that. but what can you do? we still had fun. we also went on the swings. i friggin love that ride. makes you feel like you're flying.
then i insisted on going on the carousel cause im 5. we were waiting in line for about 10 minutes, and at the entrance there's a sign stating:

"two per chicken" well this of course throughly amused me because pretty much everything does so i laughed and pointed it out to him and he smiled and laughed and said "i know i was just looking at that." i love people like that...most people would just look at me weird and not give a flying fig.
so did i get on a horsie or a chicken? you bet your tush i got on a chicken. but it was just "one per chicken" there was a little boy next to me and he looked over at me, and even i could see what he was thinking:

"what the hell are you doing on this ride? aren't you a little too old? plus...the rule is 'two per chicken.'"

we even waved to random people because everyone else on the carousel had someone to wave to but us. lol people looked at us like "Wtf?" hahaha it was awesome. i even yelled out "HI MOM!!" to nobody. it was fun

the first ride we went on was the log flume. when we got on i sat behind joey and kept asking "why am i on this ride?" lol i was being a scaredy cat but it was lots of fun i was just dreading the last and final drop. there are two smalls ones before it but the last one is the worst. there were two girls sitting behind us and as we ascended the last drop, i hear them go "this is it?" like it was nothing. god i guess i really am a wimp! there was a worker at the top holding a sign that said:

"get ready to scream." i informed him that was most definitely guaranteed. joey told me to raise my hands, so instead of clinging to life like gum on a snail i actually did it. we should have bought the picture at the end, cause we both have our hands up in the air and im screaming my head off. hahaha.

anyway, the day was exhausting but fun and im glad we went. i even scored two tickets that will only cost me 10 bucks each next time i go (hell of a lot better than the 64 smackaroos i paid to get in). and why? cause joey gets what he thinks he deserves. he went to guest relations and complained about the closed rides. lol

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