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Happy Saturday

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on June 9, 2007 - 9:34am

We are having a huge drought here in East Tenn...Up until yesterday that is. JUST as I left work at 5:00 to walk to my car, it got SO dark out. The radio gave that hideous noise and warning..."Thunderstorms with large hail...take cover...blobbity blah."
They were NOT kidding either!
The sky broke open as I got on the 40 to the parkway. It wasn't the rain that un-nerved me. It was the LARGE bolts of lightening coming straight out of the sky all around me and all the other people trying to make it home. I felt like I was dodging bullets. It was pretty cool to see far off in the distance, but not right on me. I was gripping the steering wheel like a granny and praying. Robert always told me if you get in an accident where electricity is involved and rain...stay in the car and don't touch metal.
Whew....I was glad to get home.

It reminded me of years ago when we had the boat out on Concord Lake and a storm like that rolled in. Guess who was standing ankle deep in water waiting on Robert to back the trailer in. Lightening cracking down. I was torn between holding the boat or running for cover. The boat almost lost out on that one.

I've got more stories of being caught in storms.

My family loves to camp. I mean raw....tent....sleeping with nature type camping. None of this RV sissy camping.
Anyway, a couple of years ago we pitched a brand new tent guaranteed not to leak.
We got all set up. Even had a gazebo type thing over the picnic table. It was nice.
I started grilling hamburgers. Perfect camping scenario. We sat down to eat and just got finished.
In rolls the black clouds. Then all of a sudden a microburst came blowing right over us. The trees layed sideways. The wind picked up the gazebo and I managed to grab it with one hand, but it blew apart. Then the rain and lightening and thunder came. The campground dude came flying around to everyone on a golfcart yelling "Get to the bathhouse!"
We just dropped and ran.
It all happened so fast.
About 50 people crammed into a bathhouse for an hour until the storm blew over.
When it all subsided, we walked back to the camp.
Hamburgers and hotdogs floating in water.
We tried to clean up, but just went on to bed.
Yeah right. Drip, drip, drip.
Soggy bed.
Robert and I looked at each other....totally defeated with the kids whining in the background.
We got our clothes threw them in the van and went down to the Family Inn hotel.
That was a real blow to the hard core campers. But my level of happiness rose several notches when I sat down in a warm bath then a warm DRY bed.
The next morning we went back to our campground to clean up.

Robert wadded that brand new leak proof tent in a ball and threw it in the nearest dumpster!!

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