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volume three and still going... maybe

vijaykumar's picture
on June 10, 2007 - 7:19am

OK soo today started out fine, real fine and i was listening to some music and really really enjoying the sund and the warmth here this summer and writing and continuing on my "book" which after an hour of writing everything just crashes, my computer everything just dissapears! So then I got to realize, that this just might not be worth it! a sign from God maybe?? anyhooow! Plz make sure you comment and stuff because it´s fun hearing comments, both good and bad and it´s a perfect way to get friends :D So here you go, part 3 Hey remember to read the ones earlier and comment on anything!! as well as if you want something to happen!!

...At times standing there waiting for the train she often thinks about why her mother kept her and what she would do it it had been her who got pregnant by her rapest. Would she even keep the baby like her mother did? And for that matter, why? She got interrupted wither her thoughts by a female voice from behind.
- cathy? Is that you?

Catherine was at first startled, she thought she had heard wrong and ignored the voice. Untill she again heard her name, this time the voice was near. She turned around to see an old friend of her mothers, and old collegue from a diner where her mother had worked a few years. Her name was Gwen and she had this funny glow about her, the kind of glow that pregnant women usually get, but still there was something diffirent about it. She came and gave catherine a big hug almost choacking as her big curly hair came in the way of catherine mouth and nose, her almost swallowing it from both openings.

- God! You´ve gotten so big since the last time i saw you, how are you? I hope you still remember me.

Catherine barelly had time to reply one question before she got another and another, and then last about her mother.

- What about your mother, how is Linda?

catherine answered a bit nonchalant:
- Well, she´s the same as always.
- Too bad we lost touch huh? Is she treating you well gwen replied.

catherine stopped to think what to answer and then remembered that Gwen must have a completally diffirent picture of Linda four years ago and the Linda today. Linda four years ago used to be nice to catherine when gwen was around, she used to treat her like a human being.

- yeah why would´n she, I´m her daughter aren´t I? catherine answered her question with a sarcastic tone.

Gwens appearance changed to a more serious one and the tone of her voice went down a pitch as she replied in a slower pace:

- Yes, yes you are, and don´t let her tell you diffirent, or anyone for that matter!

catherine was shocked to hear Gwen say that, what did she mean by "don´t let her tell you diffirent". Was teher something she knew? She could have sworn that her mother never told anyone about how she got pregnant with catherine. Linda was to ashamed being that she came from a strict family that believed that Linda had only her self to blame that she got raped. They almost blamed her for getting pregnant, as if it was a choice of her own.

_ Hey, do you have someplace to go? I would love it if you came with me and grabbed a hot coco? Just the two of us, what do you think huh? I have some catching up to do with you. Gwen explained to catherine.

Catherine got even more confused about the way Gwen was talking to her, as if she knew something but didn´t know how to say it. she explained that she had to go to school.

- Skipp school today! It´s OK, I can call and pretend to be your mother and call you in sick. Just come and sit five minutes with me. What about it?
Gwen sounded almost a bit desperate to have Catherine come with her adn asked once again.
- What do you say? huh?

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