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sunday night

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on June 10, 2007 - 11:41pm

so, it's after eleven, and i should be heading to bed....i do this every sunday night...i sleep late, so i'm not tired when i should be going to bed, so i drag my ass around all morning on monday....such is life. i'm a nightowl forced to dwell in a daytime person's body. it sucks, for the most part. i used to work the graveyard shift---actually, 7 pm to 7 hours ever!!! fit me's easier for me to stay up all night than to go to bed late and get up early. hate it...
so, this is my josh journal. do people read these? or is it just for self-gratification? i read a couple just now, a first in the three-plus years i've been a member......i wanted to see what theirs were like.....i felt like i was coming in in the middle of a movie....they talked about things i had to try to piece together, and failed at most of it. i'll tell you about myself, which will put any of you still awake to sleep, but, its a place to start...
i'm 52. i have three kids--a girl, 25, a son, 22, and another son, 19. i have a husband of nearly 30 years. i have three cats. i am a medical biller/receptionist/transcriber for a jerk cardiologist with a supreme god complex and a snide disregard for women and minorities---he's Indian, and a minority, but i guess his god complex prohibits him from thinking of himself in those terms. anyway, i have a boring job, but it's just a paycheck, so it's not like it's eating my soul or anything. i live in california. i was raised in the LA area, but moved here, to the central coast, in 1994, to get away from the crowds, the crime, the smog and the traffic, and to give my kids a happier environment. it's a very conservative town, and i'm not, so, sometimes, the ol' boy politicians irritate me to no end....but, it's okay. what really bugs me is that this place is culturally dead....we have close to 110,000 people, and we can't get a decent bookstore, but little san luis obispo, with less than 40,000, and it's cal poly university, manages to support both a barnes and noble, and a borders....there are no concerts of any size, very little art, and trying to talk to anyone about independent movies is like talking to a wall.
gees, i'm complaining a lot. i don't mean to, and i don't like to think of myself as a whiner....sorry
anyway, it's late, and i need to get to bed so i can get up and start another week.
if you got this far and managed to stay awake, thanks for reading....linda

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